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#hackmtl showcases the best talent in Montreal

Aug 16th and 17th 2013, MTLStartupTalent in parternership with PasswordBox held a javascript hackathon, an opportunity for developers to put their talent to the test and become one of the winners. Telus, iWeb, Cakemail, Google were also proud sponsors of the event.

Thanks for the whole Monteal dev community which supported the event: JS-Montreal, Montreal Python, Montreal.rb, Montreal newTech, PyLadies Montreal, Montreal All-Girl Night, MontrealTechWatch

With 140 developers registered, 36 teams and projects in security/video/games/chrome extensions/hardware and more, LTE internet from Telus, a unbeatable location at the top of tower of Olympic Stadium, and key presentations from Javascript experts, #hackmtl was and will remain one of the most inspiring and ambitious hackathon in Montreal, an event made by programmers for programmers.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Best Developer Team: Jean-Philippe Caissy, Alexandre Rimthong & Louis-Bertrand Varin, with the Crypto-Chrome project
  • Best Solo Developer: Marek Załuski with the BarCoder project
  • Best Security project: Mohit Shah, Shabbir Hussain, Sujay Kathrotia with EasySec
  • Best Google Chrome Web Extension: Michael Lakhia with mapify.io

Here are the highlights of the event:

#hackmtl : Javascript / Chrome Hackathon - in partnership with PasswordBox

(Photo credit Heri)

naominatorious said: I have jobs open at an awesome, well established start up expanding to Montreal. How can I share them with your network?

Hi, please send details at mtlstartuptalent@gmail.com 


Announcing #hackmtl : a javascript / chrome hackathon, in partnership with PasswordBox

javascript chrome hackathon

#hackmtl is a javascript and chrome hackathon, from Friday Aug 16th 6pm to Saturday Aug 17th 9pm. It’s set in Montreal, with developers also from other cities. Contestants are judged by lead engineers from PasswordBox, Google, JS-Montreal, with prizes for “Best developer team”, “Best solo developer”, “Best security app” and “Best Chrome app”. Prizes range from github plans, coding devices, hosting credits, as well as opportunities to meet, present & get feedback about your project from lead engineers

The event is also an interesting opportunity to learn, since we have presentations and mini-workshops on Friday starting from 6pm. Best of all, it’s free, as we are taking care of catering, logistics, servers… Just come with your talent and laptop!

You can see a report of the last hackathon on MontrealTechWatch. This video is also a good preview of the event:

Full details and registration on eventbrite

Thanks to our main partner: Passwordbox, and also our generous sponsors: Google Montreal, Facebook who are making it possible. More to come!

#MTLStartupTalent and the Lean Startup Machine (LSM) are proud to present LSM Montreal!

LSM is an intense three-day workshop where entrepreneurs and innovators learn how to build what their customers want using customer development techniques and Lean Startup principles to validate an idea for a new product or service.

The workshop will be held at Notman House from July 13th-15th, 2012. Montreal will offer local innovators the chance to vet their ideas with some big names in the startup world. To date LSM has run 23 workshops in 15 cities globally, from San Francisco, to London and the Middle East.

This short promo video will give you some insight into the weekend events: Lean Startup Machine

Lean Startup Machine from Adrian Mehes on Vimeo.

Join us for our free Pre Show mixer June 28th to learn more about LSM, meet Mentors and other attendees of LSM Montreal.

Register using this promo-code to receive 10% off LSM’s listed prices and support #MTLStartupTalent: MTLStartupTalent_LSM_25 

MTLStartupTalent to crown Montréal’s best talent


MTLStartupTalent, in collaboration with Google, has announced yesterday a new contest to crown Montréal’s best talent.The most innovative teams to solve Montréal-specific problem will receive more than $3000 in cash prizes, as well as VIP invitations to Google’s new offices.

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#MTLStartupTalent 2

image Here’s the full report on the second edition of #MTLStartupTalent

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Guide Startup: Le recrutement d’un stagiaire

Après une conférence “Démystifions les startups” avec les étudiants de l’ESG et de la faculté des sciences (voir photos), une séance d’information “Recrutement de stagiaire” a été offerte par notre partenaire le Centre de Gestion des Carrières de l’ESG-UQAM aujourd’hui, présenté par Félix-Antoine Daigle, et Isabelle Marier Ste-Onge. Le but était de présenter en premier le CGC et l’ESG-UQAM, et aussi donner des informations clés pour les entrepreneurs et leurs startups, qui souvent ne connaissent pas la procédure pour recruter un stagiaire.

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MtlStartupTalent - Feb. 16th, 2012 @ Le Marquis

On February 16th, MTLStartupTalent is hosting its second event connecting 500 talented individuals to 25+ startups. #MTLStartupTalent aims to connect startups and technology companies that are hiring with talent looking for employment. More than 500 students and professionals will get the opportunity to meet 25 hiring startups from Montreal. Here’s what you can expect:

  • The opportunity to showcase your talent
  • A casual environment to network with others in your field of interest
  • A chance to chat with potential founders
  • An opportunity to discover all the latest products and innovations

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Démystifions les startups, avec le Centre de Gestion des Carrières

hackmtl : 80 developers working on redis/nodejs/mongo

redis nodejs mongodb

Node.js fans, rejoice! Come Dec 17th to a full day hackathon where you will get to build a web app with nodejs, mongodb, and redis. 

Beginners are welcomed: we are also organizing a full 3 hours workshop the day before the event, where you will get a crash course on node.


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